End-To-End Visibility for Supply Chain

July 17, 2019
Hub Group's state-of-the-art technology provides up-to-the-second insights.

Hub Group leverages its fully GPS-equipped container fleet, railroad data, and a combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to provide industry-leading accuracy. Machine learning allows Hub Group to constantly analyze the transit of freight, considering more than 10 million data points to provide continuous, real-time arrival updates. Hub Group gives customers dynamic, end-to-end visibility into their shipments, arming them with more data, allowing for better and more accurate planning. 


As the industry’s first fully GPS-enabled fleet, Hub Group’s extensive data capture and use of IoT technology allows for a more in-depth look at dynamic ETAs and estimated time to ground (ETG) through the lens of historical and real-time data. Inputs are continually updated based on transit events, truck speed, traffic and weather conditions, as well as other variables. This real-time information is delivered in the manner that works best for the customer, whether via API, EDI or Hub Group’s customer platform, Hub Connect.

Fully GPS-Enabled Network

Sensors embedded in our trucks and containers relay up-to-the-second updates -- whenever, wherever you want them.


AI and Machine Learning

By analyzing a constant stream of data, we provide continuous predictions for your supply chain that grow more accurate over time.


Data Delivery

Our data is delivered the way that works best for your business, whether EDI, API or our self-service platform, Hub Connect.