Single Phase Converter

Aug. 14, 2019

The Single Phase Converter (SPC) product line features up to 125 HP at 460V and 60 HP at 230V. 


The SPC converts single-phase power to DC power for use by Yaskawa variable frequency drives. The SPC is the solution to the biggest problems facing business owners that power medium-sized motors in rural areas. They can be faced with high costs to run three-phase power, limited single-phase motor options and a wide range of quality issues.


Enabling rural applications such as agriculture, lumber mills, oil & gas, and pumping to utilize three-phase variable speed control offers a host of possibilities to their businesses. Three-phase motors are typically more efficient than their single-phase counterparts and more readily available. Adding variable speed control of three-phase motors offers a host of advantages: improved process control and quality, minimized energy consumption, and reduced maintenance.


The Single Phase Converter’s active power regulator insures minimal stress on the power grid, boasting less than 10% current distortion and 0.99 power factor at rated load. Combining a low harmonic solution with a soft starting variable frequency drive typically allows the opportunity to downsize transformers and decrease installation costs. The SPC utilizes the same components found in a variable frequency drive, which significantly reduces maintenance time and expenses.