Ubimax Launches Frontline for Microsoft HoloLens 2

June 15, 2019

Ubimax announces the availability of Frontline Workplace MR for Microsoft HoloLens 2. With Microsoft’s smart glasses flagship being fully integrated into Ubimax Frontline, the proven benefits of the software platform, spanning end-to-end of the industrial value chain, are transferred to MR environments. Key to this technological leap is Ubimax’s unique authoring tool, Frontline Creator. Three-dimensional projects become feasible in a glimpse as AR workflows are translated into MR applications using the same backend as before. On top, Microsoft Azure Services are integrated into Frontline Creator allowing to simply obtain further Microsoft HoloLens 2 specific resources.


Frontline Workplace MR addresses use cases in which 2D smart glasses do not suffice due to the content that customers desire to display. For pdf files, such as blueprints or large manuals, the Microsoft HoloLens 2 is highly suited. Multiple windows with different information can be on display right in front of the user’s eyes, enhancing the amount of information accessible exactly when needed. With its eye tracking functionality, the Microsoft HoloLens 2 helps to navigate through texts: The glasses adapt to the user’s reading speed and automatically scroll down as the end of the page is reached. Ubimax customers get a truly hands-free user experience as one can control Frontline Workplace MR using only voice commands.


The maximized immersive effects when using the Microsoft HoloLens2 are particularly interesting for training scenarios. Employees can benefit from the third dimension as the interaction level with holograms gets increased. Passively absorbing information is replaced by actively experiencing it. With the intuitive full hand gesture control of Microsoft HoloLens 2, 3D models of component parts can be touched, grasped and moved in ways that feel natural.

  • Create Mixed Reality workflows with no IT knowledge: create new workflows as intuitive as it has always been
  • Reuse your existing workflows from Ubimax Frontline with no effort: Three-dimensional projects become feasible in a glimpse as 2D AR workflows are translated into 3D MR applications
  • Enjoy the full integration with Ubimax Frontline: Utilize existing powerful Ubimax Creator functionality in MR
  • PowerPoint to workflow: Import power point slide to create step-by-step workflows for worker guidance and inspection procedures or SOPs
  • Handsfree email: Write and send emails completely hands-free using voice commands and speech-to-text / dictation-functionality
  • Scale-up productivity with 3D holograms: Enhance your workflows with the 3D content and CAD files of the machines
  • Make a use of the integrated Microsoft Azure Services: Leverage the latest speech-to-text dictation technology and free your hands from typing
  • Access your existing content and documentation: enjoy the time-saving re-use of existing content PDFs, videos or images, blueprints or large manuals
  • Visualize content on a high dimensions screen exactly where you want it to be: see content on a large screen either floating or pinned
  • Work with multiple screens and documents at a time: do not rely on one source at a time and save time using various files simultaneously
  • Intuitive design and user experience: easy and quick onboarding through quick training on the job / learn at work
  • Natural interaction: speeds up learning and understanding