Face Masks Offer Advanced Technology

Sept. 17, 2020
The only mask with 100% frontal antiviral copper protection.

SmartMask Technology has developed advanced masks without compromising on protection or security in its fight against current and future pathogen threats using 100% anti-viral copper protection as well as real-time temperature monitoring applications.


Viral Guard and Thermal Guard masks give you, and those around you, an enhanced level of comfort. Produced in eco-friendly materials, Viral Guard is designed for everyday use and provides optimal air-flow for protection and comfort, with full antiviral nose and mouth coverage. COVID-19 and viruses cannot live on the SmartMask’s first layer antiviral copper surface. It shields any wearer and the people around them with active viral killing protection.


Copper alloys are registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as scientifically proven antimicrobial public health materials that kill viruses, bacteria, and fungi within 10 minutes of contact. Exposure to copper can help prevent and reduce the risk of infection. Viral Guard’s copper protection will last through the lifespan of the product and never wash out.


Thermal Guard has been engineered with the purpose to protect your safety and well-being, delivering exceptional performance, comfort, and design with a patented temperature alert system that visually indicates potential early signs of elevated body temperature. A built-in thermal reader constantly takes your temperature; A flashing visual indicator confirms any elevated body temperature greater than 100°F. It can protect yourself, your family, your friends, your colleagues.