Highly Accurate, 4K Microscope

Aug. 7, 2019

VHX microscopes make observation simple and easy. KEYENCE has developed our new model to meet the needs of our customers. With the goal of developing the ideal digital microscope, we will continue to pursue the advancement of microscope technology.


The VHX Series has a depth of field that is 20 times greater than conventional optical microscopes. KEYENCE designs the lenses, cameras, and graphic engine in-house, enabling observation with an optimal balance of depth and brightness. Even novice users can capture high-resolution images with ease.


With a 1 TB hard drive, images are easily saved locally. Images can be shared over LAN or a USB drive. Reports can be automatically created and shared. Easily perform 2D and 3D measurements. Roughness, contamination, grain size, and other measurements can be performed with one tool.


The VHX Series offers observation that exceeds conventional imaging tools. With advanced measurement capabilities, this system enables a variety of analyses. Expanded memory capacity allows for storage of millions of images. Its easy-to-use interface can be used effectively by expert and novice users. The VHX Series is equipped with all of the features needed to enhance your analysis.