Pistol Grip Impact Wrench

June 11, 2019
Ingersoll Rand's impact wrench quickly finishes tough bolting jobs.

Vehicle repair technicians and maintenance workers who have difficulty keeping enough power and getting just the right angle to complete tough bolting jobs can now quickly finish those jobs thanks to the Ingersoll Rand 2175MAX 1" Pistol Grip Impact Wrench. The tool is powered up, not weighed down for work on heavy-duty vehicles, semi-trailers, buses and heavy equipment. 


The 2175MAX is a highly-durable, lightweight impact wrench ideal for jobs that require extreme torque. It has more than 2,000 ft-lb of reverse torque yet weighs less than 18 lb.


The steel core, hammer case and steel wear plate increase durability, reduce downtime and protect against wear during extreme use. The solid steel impact mechanism has the extreme power to take on the toughest applications. The tool's weight is evenly distributed to improve ergonomics for technicians as they power through heavy-duty jobs with multiple bolts.



  • It has a 360-deg. adjustable side handle with an ergonomic grip so that technicians can customize the handle location for the specific job
  • The highly-engineered motor design maintains power during heavy-duty applications
  • Its chemical-resistant composite housing and steel nose withstand harsh working conditions
  • Operators can move freely around the garage thanks to the swivel hose connection that keeps the hose from getting tangled
  • The 2175MAX has a power regulator that manages the tool's speed
  • Solid steel impact mechanism: Deliver 2,000 ft-lb of torque
  • Highly engineered design: Delivers the power you need over the life of the tool 
  • Lightweight: weighs in under 20 lb.
  • 6” anvil extension: Increases accessibility in hard to reach places