The Thermo Scientific Versa Flex FR44HD, a powerful checkweigher for the packaged food, pharmaceutical, warehouse and personal care products industries, now includes stainless-steel construction, a heavy-duty drive and enhanced user interface while improving usability for operators.


New features and benefits of the Versa Flex FR44HD checkweigher include:

  • Heavy-duty drive now standard across all FR44HD models for rugged performance, increased uptime and productivity; reliable handling of loads up to 110 pounds with speeds that can exceed 300 feet per minute;
  • New control system for improved user navigation;
  • Zoom weight feature that displays numbers in a larger size so users can view from a distance; and
  • Stainless-steel construction for withstanding harsh cleaning agents.


The Versa Flex FR44HD checkweigher is also available in a warehouse version. This version can be integrated with material handling software for transmitting individual package weight to the manifest control system.