Modular CableEntry System

June 8, 2019
Weidmuller's cable entry system offers an internal locking frame for tamper-proof protection.

The Cabtite Cable Entry System for pre-assembled cables and cables without plugs offers users increased flexibility in the cable management of control cabinets and OEM equipment in manufacturing environments. A flexible cable entry system helps speed up installation, facilitates service and minimizes downtime.


Cabtite features a modular design that includes three basic components– a frame, snap-in inlays and sealing grommets. The frame is made from fiberglass reinforced plastic and is available in four different sizes. An optional internal locking frame is available for added tamper-proof protection. The one-piece frame is configurable when using the snap-in inlays which provide an easy, configurable method to generate small to large entry points with sealing grommets of various sizes (full range: .06 to 1.4-in. dia.). This permits a number of configurations to accommodate a wide range of sizes for cables, conductors, hoses, pneumatic and hydraulic lines. Two conical-shaped sealing grommets (large/small) are available to reduce grommet complexity as the two grommets cover a cable range of .08 to 7.4-in. diameter and provide a reliable self-forming seal for a variety of cable diameters and shapes.


The unique Cabtite design offers quick installation whether it be installing from the inside of an enclosure out or from the outside in via the cable entry cut-out. The frames and accessories securely seal pre-assembled and unassembled cables with grommet seals that meet IP66 and NEMA 4 – 12 protection, and integrated strain relief in accordance with DIN EN 62444. The Cabtite Cable Entry System has an operating temperature range of -40° to +248°F (-40° to +120°C).


  • Maximum flexibility and time savings
  • High IP protection class (IP66) as well NEMA 4x and 12
  • Integrated strain relief acc. to DIN EN 62444
  • Installation safety through simple handling with acoustic feedback
  • Preservation of the manufacturer‘s guarantee for pre-assembled cables
  • Fast adaptation of cable management in the event of system changes, service and maintenance cases