Lithium-Ion UPS Enhances Continuity

June 8, 2019
Eaton's latest UPS reduces the need for mid-cycle battery replacement.

Building on the best-in-class reliability of the Eaton 5P UPS platform with new lithium-ion battery technology, the 5P lithium-ion UPS provides a dependable, integrated solution with enhanced network security, extended battery life and remote management capabilities that make it the ideal solution for distributed IT and edge computing environments.


The 5P lithium-ion UPS uses lithium-ion batteries that provide enhanced performance compared to lead-acid batteries, with an extended service life up to eight years and reducing the need for mid-cycle battery replacement. Lithium-ion batteries also have three times faster recharge capabilities, reducing vulnerability and maximizing uptime in the case of power disruptions.


Eaton’s 5P lithium-ion UPS includes an onboard battery management system (BMS) to provide up-to-date insights into battery performance, charge cycles, and active temperature monitoring to keep the user informed of the lifecycle of their UPS battery. The UPS also provides enhanced network security with the optional industry-first UL 2900-2-2 compliant Eaton Gigabit Network Card, designed to enhance uptime and protect against cyber threats.


Additional features of Eaton’s 5P lithium-ion UPS include:

  • A user-friendly, lightweight design with 20% less weight than a comparable lead-acid UPS.
  • Versatile mounting options allowing for simple deployment.
  • Less rack space, compact 1U and slimline wall mount for a reduced footprint.
  • Five-year standard warranty on the UPS and batteries.
550 - 3000 VA
120V and 208/230V
Rack, tower, and wall-mount