The Xradia 610 & 620 Versa X-ray microscopes excel through faster non-destructive imaging of intact samples without sacrificing resolution and contrast over the full range of power and kV.


Leading researchers and scientists across the world rely on the signature Resolution at a distance (RaaD) capability of Xradia Versa microscopes, ensuring the highest resolution is maintained across longer working distances, to produce remarkable scientific insights and discoveries. The rapid rate of technology advancements today requires fast analytical instruments that can keep up the pace. The Xradia 600-series Versa is designed for this challenge.


The two biggest challenges in X-ray computed tomography are maintaining resolution on large sample sizes even at long working distances while simultaneously maximizing resolution and X-ray flux for greater throughput. Both instruments address these challenges: they provide a high-power X-ray source for significantly higher X-ray flux. This leads to faster tomography scans and therefore up to two times higher throughput–without compromising spatial resolution.


The Xradia 600-series Versa provides insights into the morphology of energy materials and their behavior under operating conditions. RaaD technology allows intact battery cells to be imaged at high resolution – enabling longitudinal studies of aging effects, across hundreds of charge cycles.

  • Non-destructive sub-micron scale microscopy of intact samples
  • Higher flux and faster scans without compromising resolution
  • True spatial resolution of 500 nm with a minimum achievable voxel size of 40 nm
  • High resolution across a broad range of sample types, sizes, and working distances
  • In situ imaging for non-destructive characterization of microstructures in controlled environments and over time
  • Upgradeable and extendible with future innovations and developments