Socket Set Saves Time

May 16, 2019

Klein Tools introduces the 2-in-1 Impact Socket Set, which includes 12 common impact socket sizes used in utility and construction applications. Its six sockets feature hands-free adjustment between sizes to help save time on the job. This convenient tool set extends Klein Tools’ existing line of Impact Socket Wrenches.


2-in-1 Impact Socket Set, 6-Piece (Cat. No. 66010)

  • Single-ended impact socket wrenches save time on the job with hands-free adjustment between socket sizes
  • Twelve sizes combined into six sockets including:
    • 1-1/8 x 15/16-inch
    • 1 x 13/16-inch
    • 7/8 x 11/16-inch
    • 3/4 x 9/16-inch
    • 5/8 x 7/16-inch
    • 1/2 x 3/8-inch
  • Two coaxial spring-loaded sockets in one tool
  • High-torque, 12-point design makes positioning sockets on fasteners easier
  • Deep socket with a 1/2-inch drive is intended for pole hardware installation and removal
  • Cross hole design secures socket connection to adaptor or impact wrench
  • Color-coded sockets help professionals quickly identify needed sizes
  • Engineered for use with impact drivers
  • Includes carrying case for convenient storage


“Construction and utility workers use multiple impact socket sizes in their daily work, and manually switching between varying sizes is time consuming and inconvenient,” says Kozeta Topchian, senior product manager at Klein Tools. “Klein Tools’ new 2-in-1 Impact Socket Set equips professionals with 12 commonly used socket sizes. Each socket features hands-free adjustment so professionals can switch between sizes without removing their work gloves, reducing the amount of time and effort required to finish the job.”