Ultrasonic Flowmeter

May 16, 2019

The Transus Instruments UIM-4F Duo consists of two independent fiscal flow measurements in a single flowmeter body, enabling enhanced condition-based diagnostics in a space saving, compact package. Primary measurement is accomplished by a four-path system while an independent, concurrent three-path system provides secondary measurement for extensive diagnostic information using TIMCare™ software.


The primary flow measurement uses the highly accurate UIM-4F four path chordal configuration, meeting AGA Report No. 9 and OIML R137 (class 0.5) international standards for custody transfer metering. The secondary flow measurement uses the company’s UIM-3F three path chordal configuration, also highly accurate, and meeting AGA Report No. 9 standards.


Available in sizes of 8” and larger with flange ratings up to 900 pounds, this highly accurate fiscal flow measurement system provides continuous verification by use of the secondary measurement. It is a highly economical solution when a redundant measurement is required for monitoring and verification, allowing smaller skid sizes and lower installation costs.


Traditional arrangements use a secondary measurement with single or dual paths, often resulting in an overly sensitive system that can cause false indications of fouling or flow conditioner blockages. By using a three-path secondary measurement, which is less sensitive to slight profile changes, the UIM-4F Duo provides the diagnostics needed to detect potential issues without giving false alarms. The UIM-4F Duo path layouts are oriented at different chord locations eliminating common mode errors as both meters respond differently to profile changes.