Automatic Volumetric Feeder

May 16, 2019

Scaletron Industries, Ltd., a manufacturer of corrosion resistant digital and mechanical scales, feeders and batching controls, has introduced a new volumetric feeder for efficient, automated dosing and monitoring of treatment process additives. The new Model VMF-90C™ Volumetric Screw Feeder is designed to facilitate automatic volumetric feeding of dry polymers in water, wastewater and chemical processing applications. A complete, standalone metering/monitoring system, the VMF-90C feeder offers operators and site managers the full gamut of basic volumetric feeding features in an affordable, compact unit that readily installs in existing dosing lines.


The new VMF-90C feeder is Scaletron’s response to customer feedback requesting efficient and effective feeder systems but with simpler ordering options. Scaletron president, Ed Dougherty, said, “Previously, customers selected all of the functionality options they wanted on a feeder. That made the ordering process a little tedious. With the VMF-90C, customers get a pre-engineered system that’s ready to go. It’s a basic volumetric feeder designed for typical automated additive measuring and dosing in water and chemical treatment processes.” Dougherty further explained that besides enabling more attractive pricing, pre-engineering the VMF-90C feeder helped improve both flexibility in manufacturing and Scaletron turnaround time.


The new Scaletron unit features rugged, carbon steel construction. Corrosion resistant, zinc oxide primed, dry powder epoxy coating makes the VMF-90C feeder suitable for the vast majority of work environments, and for use with virtually all industrial chemicals and additives. A built-in 1.5 cu. ft. gravity fed hopper provides consistent feed rates and features a maintenance access hatch and integrated load cell attachment point. The feed screw is a ¾-inch stainless steel open helix design. An optional electric vibratory agitator readily mounts to a bracket in the hopper to help assures consistent, even dispensing of material. The adjustable SCR speed controller is housed in a water and dust proof NEMA 4X stainless enclosure. The main motor is a 90 VDC right-angle geared, wash down motor.


While pre-engineered as a ready to go fully functional system, the VMF-90C feeder also has options to enhance durability and functionality. These include 304 stainless steel construction, removable lids (carbon steel or 304 stainless), a feeder stand and an integrated "Loss in Weight" measurement system with four load cells and a digital scale controller.


The Scaletron VMF-90C feeder may be used with most dry polymer additives including aluminum sulfate (alum), calcium hydroxide (hydrated lime), carbon, ferric and ferrous sulfate, magnesium hydroxide, polymers, potassium, soda ash, sodium sulfite and thiosulfate, and other dry powders or pelletized materials. For more information about the Scaletron Model VMF-90C Volumetric Screw Feeder, and other Scaletron products, please phone Scaletron toll free 1-800-257-5911. The Scaletron web site also offers detailed information: