OTTO 750 Mid-Range AMR

May 15, 2019
OTTO's mid-range AGV finds new routes without getting stuck.

OTTO 750, the first self-driving vehicle for material handling with a payload of 2,755 lb. (1,250 kg), is a powerful, mid-range, self-driving vehicle designed to move pallet-scale loads which would otherwise be manually moved by a pump truck or tugger.


OTTO 750 is built upon the industry-proven OTTO 1500 chassis, which is already trusted by industry titans like GE, Katerra, and Musashi.


The vehicle uses the existing field-proven self-driving operating system, OTTO OS, to quickly adapt to changes in the facility. The vehicle responds intelligently to ensure the right material gets to the right place at the right time. OTTO 750 communicates with PLCs, SCADA systems, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), and more.


With a rugged all-metal body construction and industrial-grade components, OTTO 750 doesn’t cut corners. Class-leading speeds, powertrain, and generous payload capacity ensure it’s ready for demanding applications. Designed for quick setup, the 750 can start moving materials in a matter of minutes. It seamlessly scales to integrate with industrial workflows through flexible APIs, using OTTO Fleet Manager.

Payload2.750 Ib. (1,250 kg)Speed4.5 mph (2 m/s)Turning Speed1.5 rad/s (90-deg./s)Docking Speed0.7 mph (0.3 m/s)Min. Aisle Width (1-Way)78 in. (1,915 mm)Min. Aisle Width (2-Way)146 in. (3,570 mm)ChassisDimensions72.3 x 50.5 x 13.85 in. (1,837 x 1,283 x 351 mm)Weight1,382 lb. (627 kg)Turning RadiusTurn in placeGround Clearance 0.63 in. (16 mm)Traversable GapEnergy SystemBattery Capacity 80 AhRuntime (10 to 90%) 10 hrCharge Rate 80 ACharge Time (10 to 90%) 60 min.Battery Voltage 52.8VBattery Life 3,000 full charge cyclesBattery Charging Auto Opportunity Charging, Manual ChargingSafety SystemIntelligent BreakingRedundant monitoring with safety-system interlockE-Stop4 E-Stops (1/side) + user E-Stop circuit interfaceManual ControlPendant-base manual control,
guided auto control available via OTTO software.Standards ComplianceISO EN 12100, ISO EN 13849-1, ISO 3691-1 (supercedes EN 1525),
EN 60204-1, CE, FCCEnvironmentalIP ClassificationIP20Temperature32 to 104°F (0 to 40°C)