Training Programs for 21st Century Manufacturing

April 18, 2019

NIMS' website – – has been updated as the conventional models of training for manufacturing careers are advancing to meet the current needs of manufacturers today. “The courses for apprenticeships and on-the-job training programs are evolving to be much more reflective of what’s happening in shops and factories now and also more flexible for employers,” said Montez King, executive director of NIMS. “As a validator of skills, we at NIMS wanted to get ahead of the transformation in training and create a framework and structure on our website to accommodate the changes that will unfold over the next two years.”


Mr. King cited Industry 4.0, data-driven manufacturing, and the increase of  digitalization in general permeating manufacturing workplaces as the driving forces to bring training “into the 21st century.” NIMS will provide training in these areas as well as continuing and enhancing its foundational programs in basic to advanced skill teaching programs for machinists and maintenance personnel. For example, soon to launch will be credentialed programs in CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) and MMSR (Machine, Maintenance, Service, and Repair).


Established in 1995, NIMS develops training programs, standards, and industry-recognized credentials for workers, trainers, and educators. The new interactive website leads visitors clearly and deeply into the areas in which NIMS provides current products and services. Mr. King adds, “These are valid, high-quality programs and might be what a company or educational institution requires just as they are designed, or we can customize programs to be perfectly aligned with a company’s specific training needs.”


There is also a new and comprehensive testing center on the site that can be accessed by current trainees and proctors. The new platform delivers tools and features to enrich the user experience and better facilitate testing procedures at the 2,500+ education institutions and businesses in the NIMS system. The platform was custom-built in collaboration with an education technology company.