Scalable Development Kit

April 11, 2019

The ADI-DPD-DEVKIT is a small cell development kit with a scalable RF front end board. It is optimized for FDD-LTE Bands 14 and 28 but scalable to other bands and configurations.


The new development kit is intended to reduce customer development time and risk. It consists of three boards (DE705, ADRV9375-W/PCBZ and EVAL-TPG-ZYNQ3), as well as documentation and support. Documentation includes a quick start guide to assist with recommended configuration and settings to the minimum performance specifications, as well as an operating manual for managing deeper edit functionality.


Additional key features of the ADI-DPD-DEVKIT include:

  • Board / Part Number
    • DE705
      • Complete, scalable RF front-end evaluation platform for FDD operation of LTE Bands 14 and 28; Features a single-channel transmitter and a single-channel receiver with a swappable ceramic duplexer
    • ADRV9375-W/PCBZ
      • Complete radio card platform containing Analog Devices’ AD9375 DPD with high efficiency RF power amplifier
      • Analog Devices’ Zynq®-7000 all-programmable SoC ZC706 evaluation kit optimized for JESD204B provides a data capture platform for many of the Radioverse™ families of wideband transceiver evaluation boards