Swing-Frame Bandsaws Offer Versatility

March 16, 2019

The KASTOmicut is designed for cutting tubes, sections and solid materials to length and for mitre cutting. Workshop operators benefit particularly from the high cutting accuracy and quality with different materials and the attractive price-performance ratio of the saws. In 2016, KASTO presented the first models of the new series with a cutting range of 260 mm for round material and 310 x 260 mm for flat material. Users can choose between the manually operated base model KASTOmicut P 2.6, the KASTOmicut E 2.6 with hydraulically controlled saw feed, the semi-automatic KASTOmicut U 2.6 with hydraulic material clamping, and the fully automatic variant, the KASTOmicut A 2.6. With its intelligent accessories, this enables efficient, extensively unattended operation.


Newly incorporated into the portfolio, KASTO now has two models with a larger cutting range: Die KASTOmicut E 4.6 saws round material up to 335 mm diameter and flat material with dimensions up to 460 x 335 mm. It is specially designed for single-sided mitre angles and is suitable for cuts from 0 to +60 degrees. The saw has a hydraulically controlled feed. Blade and material tensioning is carried out mechanically. The cutting speed can be continuously adjusted between 20 and 110 metres per minute. This opens up a wide range of possibilities for the user with different material qualities.


With the KASTOmicut U 4.6, users can even process flat material up to 520 mm wide. With this saw, the material is also clamped by means of a horizontal hydraulic vice. This simplifies handling and increases the output in the case of small batches. The continuously adjustable cutting speed lies between 12 and 150 metres per minute. Like the smaller models of the KASTOmicut range, mitre cuts from -45 to +60 degrees are possible. The mitre angle can also be continuously adjusted. A heavy and torsionally rigid welded structure for the saw frame provides extremely stable support for the saw blade, ensuring excellent cutting quality even with hard-to-machine materials.


For users who mainly saw smaller workplaces, KASTO has extended the range with the addition of the KASTOmicut P 1.8. The saw has a cutting range of up to 180 mm and is likewise suitable for straight and mitre cuts from 0 to +45 degrees. It features manual material clamping by means of an easy-to-operate and easily adjustable clamping device. The saw blade is also tensioned manually. The feed rate is determined by manually guiding the saw frame, and a cutting rail serves as material support. An efficient three-phase motor delivers a drive power of up to 1.5 kW and ensures high cutting quality. Like other models in the KASTOmicut range, the saw also scores with its small dimensions and excellent accessibility. It can be easily picked up by a lift truck or forklift and positioned as needed.


Depending on the design, the shortest possible cutting length is six to ten millimetres and, with a remnant piece length of 15 to 30 mm for individual cuts, users can make maximum use of the material to be sawn. A highly efficient worm gear mechanism provides top performance, and the sophisticated design ensures a constant cutting force for excellent results with all materials.


Furthermore, the whole KASTOmicut range is designed in accordance with the latest guidelines for machine safety, making them suitable for a wide variety of applications and requirements. Users can select the saw that is best for their purpose. With an extensive range of accessories, the KASTOmicut can easily be adapted to special conditions. Because a large percentage of the parts used in the different models are identical, KASTO is able to offer these saws at a very attractive price.