Separate Wavelengths with Harmonic Separators

March 21, 2019
Edmund's dichroic mirrors feature greater than 95% transmission.

TECHSPEC Nd:YAG Harmonic Separators are dichroic mirrors used for separating the harmonic, frequency-doubled beam from the pump beam, which is often outside the laser resonator. The frequency doubled light is reflected to nearly 100%, while most of the pump light is transmitted.


The separators have a beamsplitter coating on the first surface, which reflects at least one wavelength and transmits another; The coating features greater than 95% transmission. The second surface has an anti-reflective coating to minimize losses from reflection. Designed for integration at 45-deg. angle of incidence, the harmonic separators are manufactured using a precision ?/10 fused silica substrate that offers excellent optical and thermal performance and stability, along with a surface quality of 10-5. The RoHS compliant mirrors have a thickness of 6.35 ±0.20mm, plate construction, and a clear aperture of greater than 85%.


TECHSPEC Nd:YAG Harmonic Separators are available in multiple wavelength configurations for maximum system design flexibility. Fourteen models offer diameters of 12.70mm and 25.40mm at common Nd:YAG wavelengths of 1064, 532, 355, and 266 nm.