Worry-Free FDA-Compliant Liner

March 14, 2019
igus' food liner has extended service life on stainless-steel shafts, even in wet areas.

igus has expanded its range of bearing liners for its drylin linear guide systems, specifically for use in the food and drinks industry. The new iglidur A160 liner complies with both the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) specification for repeated contact with food and the EU 10/2011 Directive. 


Self-lubricating and corrosion resistant linear guide systems from igus are used in numerous applications in the food and packaging industry, be it in beverage filling systems or the bottle processing industry. “The iglidur A160 material can be used in direct contact with food. It does not contain any ingredients that can cause harm if ingested nor can it deteriorate or change the composition of food,” says Robert Dumayne, dry-tech director at igus. “It is also colored blue, which enables it to be easily detected in case any particles enter the production line.” 


In the igus 2,750 m2 test laboratory, comparison tests of new liner on various stainless steel shafts have been carried out with liners made of iglidur J200, iglidur J, iglidur A180, iglidur E7, and iglidur X. The results clearly show that the iglidur A160 liner offers the best wear resistance. 


The iglidur A160 liner has a high and online-calculable service life for use on stainless steel shafts, even in wet areas. In addition, the material boasts very high chemical resistance. Integrated dirt channels in the liner’s design make it impervious to contamination and easy to clean and replace. It is available in eight dimensions for all drylin W housing bearings and carriages, as well as for all drylin R round guides.