Electric Actuator Meets Demands

March 11, 2019
Curtis-Wright's actuator simplifies motor installation with an idler pulley design.


Exlar brand electric press actuator, the FTP160, is the second frame size of the high-force electric rod-style press actuators and is designed exclusively for press applications. The Exlar FTP Series actuators allow machine builders to meet ever-increasing performance demands while minimizing maintenance and downtime. Based on planetary roller screw technology, the FTP Series offers very high force in a very small package.


With continuous force ratings to 200 kN (45,000 lb-ft) pressing, and speeds to 401 mm/sec (15.8 in/sec), and stroke lengths from 150 mm (6 in.) to 900 mm (36 in.), the FTP Series can be applied across a wide range of pressing applications.


  • High capacity planetary roller screws offering up to 15X the life and significantly higher shock load resistance than a comparably sized ball screw 
  • IP65S (min.) environmental protection
  • Idler pulley design greatly simplifies motor installation and belt tensioning / maintenance
  • Rigid circular front mounting flange simplifies installation