Voltage, Continuity, and Current Testers

Feb. 14, 2019
FLIR's VT8-600 and VT8-1000 accurately measure large-diameter cables.

The FLIR VT8-600 and VT8-1000 voltage, continuity, and current testers are for electricians and service technicians who troubleshoot and verify electrical installations or systems within commercial and light industrial facilities. These ruggedized electrical meters are compact enough to reach into cramped openings or crowded cabinets (51-mm width) while providing an open-jaw design for current measurements and large-diameter cables (up to 15.5-mm diameter).


The FLIR VT8-600 is rated for 600 V and 100 A applications in residential and commercial job sites. For commercial and industrial jobs, the FLIR VT8-1000 extends ranges to 1000 V and 200 A. Designed for trouble-free and reliable operation, the ergonomic meters are easy to use with a high-visibility jumbo display and an offset thumb-selector dial optimized for gloved, one-hand operation.


FLIR exceeds expectations with multi-functional capabilities to get more done with fewer tools. An integrated LED work light illuminates poorly lit job sites, a non-contact voltage detector for safety sweeps finds live circuits quickly, and integrated test-lead holders easily stow test leads when not in use. Comprehensive test functions are complemented by True RMS accuracy and high-resolution readings.