Lincoln Electric introduces a gas engine driven welder and generator that gives you more power and versatility in a smaller, quieter package – the Ranger 330MPX. The combination of a smaller footprint, quieter operation, and clean AC generator power enable the user to operate various tools and tech in the field in some of the most rigorous industries: construction, maintenance and repair, farm and ranch, and pipeline.


The Ranger 330MPX is the easiest welder/generator in its class to transport, thanks to its compact size and new competitor-compatible bolt pattern. At 20% smaller footprint, 25% lighter and 31% smaller in volume than other machines in its class, it transports to the field with less bulk and less effort, leaving more room for other tools and accessories needed on your job site.


The Ranger 330MPX is fully loaded with advanced features. It is the is the first engine-driven welder from Lincoln Electric to incorporate the company’s patented CrossLinc remote control, ArcFX visual setting feedback, and Ready.Set.Weld quick setup guide technologies – all of which are designed to streamline your welding operations and improve efficiency at your worksite.

When the Ranger 330MPX is on the job site, you’ll barely know it— it’s up to 60% quieter than comparable models in its class.


As a generator, the unit produces “clean” AC generator power that allows the operator to use power tools, laptops and other personal tech, and appliances that are sensitive to current fluctuations. No matter where you are or what equipment you are running, the machine enables you to plug in quickly and power up – worry-free.