Simple Earth Testing

Feb. 14, 2019
Megger's ETK provides the accessories to complete earth electrode testing and soil resistivity surveys.

Megger offers an Earth Test Kit (ETK) that is practical, innovative and allows for simple and efficient completion of earth testing when used in conjunction with one of Megger’s earth testers. 
Earth testing is performed to determine the effectiveness of ground rods, ground grids, and connections. Resistance testing is also important because it measures the electrical properties of the soil for conducting current and to prospect for low resistance ground locations.


Designed to be used with any of Megger’s ground testers, including the DET 2/3, DET3 or DET4, as well as with the MFT models, the new ETK is stored in a hold-all case, making transport easy and keeping components in the kit well protected.


The kits come in a variety of combinations to meet different needs.  Each kit comes standard with light-weight, easy-to-wind and unwind reels with leads, and earth test spikes that attach to the reels. Kit combinations also include an option for voltage and current test clamps. These clamps allow the user to perform “stakeless” testing, the ART (attached rod technique) method and measure leakage currents.


Other kit features include a calibration checker for the tester and one for the test clamps. This allows the user to verify the functionality and accuracy of the equipment prior to, and after testing. The kit also includes a tape measure to ensure accurate placement of earth test spikes and continuity test leads and clips for performing continuity testing. 


The reels, which feature a large comfortable handle, can be daisy-chained together to provide longer lengths so one person can easily and accurately complete longer distance applications.  There are clips on the reels that retain both earth spikes and the end of the test leads.


The ETK can be placed on the ground or any flat surface to operate. Constructed to plug one end onto the tester, the reel with a spike attached can be easily unreeled as you walk towards the reference point. Once the test is complete, simply unclip the test leads and let them wind back into the reel.