Microscope Inspects Large PCBs

Feb. 4, 2019
Promoting ergonomically correct working conditions, the TAGARNO FHD ZAP digital microscope can be positioned in an optimal working posture.

Promoting ergonomically correct working conditions and new possibilities to inspect large PCBs, the TAGARNO FHD ZAP digital microscope solution, can be positioned directly in front of the camera, in an optimal working posture due to the placement of the flex arm, camera, and control box as well as the monitor and the object itself.


The Flex arm inline and Lens +2 enable the operator to use TAGARNO FHD ZAP with larger samples sized up to 600 mm in width. This is made possible because of the distance from the lens to object with a +2 lens and the fact that the solution is integrating both the camera head and monitor on a table mounted flexible arm, freeing a large amount of table space.


The flexible part of the arm also enables the user to easily rotate and set the system completely aside from the working area if it is not in use.


This solution is ideal when inspecting large PCBs, where low magnification ranges are sufficient and the user wants the ergonomic advantages.


If necessary due to e.g. the height of the user, a circular tilting table will raise the object from the table and thereby create more distance between the camera head and the table, enabling the user to easier view the monitor.

TAGARNO FHD ZAP has a range of specifications when put together with the new +2 lens and inline flex arm:

  • Magnification levels from 0,8x up to 26,2x
  • Lens to object distance is 500 mm/19.69 in.
  • Field of view ranges from 21/0.83 up to 600 mm/ 23.62’ in.