Condition Monitoring Device

Dec. 21, 2018

Allweiler, a CIRCOR International brand, and a worldwide supplier of pumping solutions for chemical engineering applications, announces the , ideal for pumps in operationally critical and environmentally sensitive chemical engineering applications. With one master and up to 10 satellite modules per network, the IN-1000 lets operators monitor as many as 11 pumps at once. Built-in features include a two-level warning and alarm system, logging of sensor data, and remote monitoring with a smartphone app. The IN-1000 is available with ATEX certification for use in EX zones.


With the IN-1000, operators can assess expected versus actual performance on such key indicators as leak detection and bearing temperature, vibration, suction, and discharge pressure. The “smart platform” IN-1000 can be used for a wide range of condition monitoring applications, from simple, single-pump installations to complex, multi-pump systems. It can be added to new pumps or retrofitted to existing pumps.


Plant professionals can immediately detect deviations and anomalies from established leak detection values, so any dangerous seal leaks can be remedied before they even happen. Depending on the situation, operators receive a visual notification and an audible warning or alarm, signaling the need for immediate intervention, or simply scheduling maintenance so that a fixable problem does not worsen. This means plant professionals can pre-plan maintenance and repairs, extend maintenance intervals, and potentially reduce insurance premiums as the overall safety profile improves.


Remote access is enabled with a smartphone app, an integrated web server and router, making it possible to monitor as many as 11 pumps from anywhere with Wi-Fi access.


The IN-1000 condition monitoring device is now also available for EX zones, with certifications for operation in ATEX Zone 2, Class 1, Division 2. All components, from measuring devices and cables to the barrier box, are certified for EX zones.