ZEN Connect Data Management Software

Jan. 10, 2019
ZEISS' modulated software operates all devices with the same interface.

ZEN Connect is a modulated software with enhanced imaging technology that is useful for structural analysis, examination of cellular processes, localization of cells, and much more. The proven software combines numerous functions for day-to-day work with microscopes and stands for scientific success.


ZEN Connect ensures that users focus on the data rather than on the acquisition method. They initiate a workflow with any microscope, analyze a full sample on a large scale, and identify the specific areas of interest with the automatic overlay and relocation algorithm. Moreover, it uniquely enables its users to analyze data in a wider context connecting the large field of view images with the highest resolution details. They benefit from project-based data storage and effortless image labeling which enables better control over the data structure in complex experiment set-ups.


ZEN Connect is available for the company’s full range of optical, confocal, X-ray, electron, and ion microscopes. It is especially recommended for correlation of ZEISS LSM 800 and ZEISS GeminiSEM; but also compatible with most light and electron microscopes from ZEISS.