Rotary Positioning Stages

Dec. 21, 2018

Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc. (OES) has released a new series of high precision X-axis stages with integral Rotary Positioning Stages. The four X-and-Theta stages in this series feature linear travels of: 15 mm (0.591 in.), 30 mm (1.181 in.), 50 mm (1.968 in.) and 75 mm (2.953 in.), and the rotary table, capable of continuous 360 O rotation in either direction, measures 100 mm (3.937 in.) in diameter.  A 60 mm (2.362 in.) diameter version is also available.  These high resolution, high repeatability X-and-Theta stages are ideal for applications such as: Angular glass cutting and grinding, wafer alignment, semiconductor handling, laser cutting, drilling, machining, scanning, inspection, assembly, and testing. 


The X-axis stages move on high precision crossed roller bearings and are driven by a 1 mm per turn precision ground lead screw at speeds up to 5 mm/sec.  Featuring 3 micron repeatability, the linear resolution of the X-axis stages are 0.5 microns (10 Micro-steps per Step Motor Driver in use) and 0.25 microns (20 Micro-steps per Step Motor Driver in use) with positional accuracy is 10 microns. 


The 100 mm diameter theta stage is driven by a precision 180:1 ratio worm gear.  Resolution of the theta stage is 0.001O (10 Micro-steps per Step motor driver in use).  Repeatability is 0.005O, positional accuracy is 0.01O and backlash is 0.005O.   A precise pattern of threaded holes in the table enable easy installation of tooling.


Two-phase stepper motors are standard.   A knob for manual adjustments on each the stepper motors can be replaced with an incremental encoder for position verification or a servo motor. These compact, black anodized aluminum X-and-theta stages are easy to integrate into new or existing systems.  Compatible motion controllers are available from OES and the X-plus-theta stages can also be ordered as complete plug-and-play systems.