Innovative Truck Tool Box

March 16, 2021

The DECKED Tool Box is more durable, secure, and accessible than its diamond-plated predecessors; it won’t ding, dent or rust. Not only is it tougher than traditional toolboxes, but access is easier too. An available integrated folding ladder, which nests beneath the lid is a first-ever feature in the toolbox segment. Deploying in seconds, the optional ladder gives owners quick access to their gear.


The sleek-looking DECKED Tool Box is constructed from recycled materials, from the aluminum frame to stainless steel hardware to the injection-molded polymer resins that form the body. These hard-wearing polymer materials provide additional protection against dents and punctures, giving it industrial-strength durability.


The DECKED Tool Box also features seamless, waterproof construction and a robust locking system to safeguard owners’ treasured tools and gear against extreme weather and theft. With thoughtful features and an innovative design, the Tool Box allows truck owners to work smarter, not harder.

  • Available telescoping, nested ladder deploys for easy access
  • Anti-corrosion treated steel hardware and aluminum reinforcement
  • Dent- and puncture-proof
  • Injection-molded, high-impact resin lid
  • Seamless, watertight construction
  • Torsion spring-loaded lid for easy access
  • More than 500-lb. dynamic payload capacity
  • Robust lock and latch system makes forced entry nearly impossible
  • The DECKED Tool Box fits most full-size pickup trucks from the 2001 model year forward.