TCO Hose Calculator

Dec. 19, 2018
A Total Cost of Ownership calculator offers proof that Bredel hose pumps save time, money, and materials in challenging, abrasive fluid handling applications.

Developed by Bredel, a brand of Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group, the Bredel TCO calculator supports existing users and new customers in the hose pump specification process – thereby ensuring ‘right pump, right application’. It also offers business-critical insight into the long-term cost benefits of Bredel technology when compared with air operated double diaphragm and progressive cavity (AODD and PC) pump types.


Designed for use on a mobile device, the Bredel TCO calculator is easy to operate. Users simply enter the necessary parameters including the flow rate and pressure; and whether you are using or considering AODD or PC pumps for that duty.


Once the essential information is entered, the user will be given a direct comparison to show which model and size of Bredel pump will deliver optimal pumping and cost savings.


The Bredel team anticipates that users will be surprised at the level of operational savings shown by the TCO calculator in abrasive pumping applications. For example, the energy savings – by comparison with AODD pumps; and the maintenance savings and reduced downtime when compared to PC pumps.



Ultimately, the TCO tool will also offer useful purchase-justification data in situations where an engineer needs to justify a move away from other pump technologies, or an ‘incumbent’ pump supplier.


Established process benefits
Bredel hose pumps offer a host of benefits over other pump types: they have no valves or seals to leak, clog or replace and provide flow rates to 108,000 litres/hour (475 USGPM) and pressures to 16bar (232psi). They are capable of pumping viscous and abrasive slurries, pastes, and sludge, with up to 80% solids in suspension. In addition, a simple hose change takes only minutes and can be performed on site.


To download the Bredel TCO calculator click here.