Micro-Brakes for Small Applications

Dec. 20, 2018

112 Model Electromagnetic Micro-Brakes from Miki Pulley are a compact, high performance braking solution for small, precise motion control applications.


Miki Pulley’s ultra-compact brake design ensures fast response in high torque demanding applications. The simple yet effective design features a stator with integrated mounting flange, proprietary composite friction liner and armature complete with ring plate spring and hub.


Field proven, these Miki Pulley Micro Brakes halt rotation mechanically by utilizing electro-magnetic field to create mechanical friction. With fast response, the brake’s armature engages the stator when the coil is energized. A constant-force plate spring transfers torque to the rotating brake body halting all motion.


Additional features include: quiet operation, high holding torque for its size, space saving design configuration, long service life, stable and reliable braking power. Easily installed, these Miki Pulley Micro Brakes require no maintenance. They are available in three armature assembly options depending on application requirements.


112 Model Micro Brake specification range based on model selected:

  • Brake torque: 0.295 ft lb – 1.770 ft lb (0.4Nm-2.4Nm)
  • Backlash: Zero
  • Ambient Temperature: 14 F ~ 104 F; (-10? ~ 40 ?)