When a job includes demanding material-handling applications and surface challenges, count on the strength of the mighty Hercules Caster.


Showcasing unrivaled durability, the Hercules Caster features reinforced legs to protect against severe side impact. Its smooth rotating action and extended lead reduce operator push force, decreasing the amount of stress on operators. 


Like most Caster Concepts (CasterConcepts.com) products, the Hercules was designed to reduce maintenance costs. Engineers included a maintenance-free swivel section with sealed precision ball bearings in the wheels for extended use, reducing the need for multiple repairs and replacements. In fact, the Hercules can last years without needing major maintenance. The Hercules was created to maneuver with ease on inconsistent floors, through potholes and over floor debris.

  • Smooth rotating action and extended lead reduce the ergonomic forces for operators pushing a cart. 
  • The Hercules is available with a toe guard, top plate or swivel lock, depending on your needs.
  • Custom polyurethane formulations were developed in our own facility.