R&D Machine Reduces Devlopment Time

Dec. 20, 2018

The Xelum R&D offers pharmaceutical manufacturers an ideal start to continuous OSD production. The Xelum R&D is the first R&D machine to combine charging, dosing of several ingredients and blending with granulation, drying and discharging in one unit. In contrast to continual mass flow, the Xelum R&D doses excipients and active ingredients as a discrete mass. This way, customers can dose even smallest amounts of APIs of less than one percent. Individual packages, so-called X-keys, continuously run through the process chain and are removed successively from the machine as packages into bins.


Moreover, the X-key approach makes the product traceable at all times. It reduces the system’s failure susceptibility and process complexity, while increasing the product’s accuracy and quality. Time-consuming scale-up is not needed, since the laboratory device uses the same components as the Xelum production platform. The identical process parameters can be directly transferred 1:1, which leads to a reduced development time. Additionally, the customer has the opportunity to move his product to continuous production or to a conventional batch process.