Powerful LED Flood Lights

Dec. 21, 2018

Introducing the most powerful LED Flood Luminaire, the AEON Flood Light is the ultimate flood light for versatility and efficiency that is unmatched in the industry. The AEON Flood Luminaire is designed for an incredibly long life span of over 100,000 hours. The AEON Flood Luminaire is available in five different LED-delivered lumen packages: 33,100, 44,100, 62,100, 73,500 & 105,000 lm. The AEON Luminaire has Multi-Voltage options: 100-277V AC and 347-480V AC.


The AEON is fully enclosed will withstand extreme conditions, protecting sensitive electronic components from any external exposure, and is suitable for use in corrosive environments. Using our proprietary and patented Thermal Management System, the AEON allows for continuous airflow, keeping critical electronic components cool. Revolutionary patented aerodynamic design allows for maximum wind resistance, reducing vibration and subsequent flickering of light.


With CRI>85, the AEON Flood Luminaire has the highest CRI in its class at a staggering 140 delivered Lumens per Watt. That makes AEON the industry leader in delivered lumens! The AEON maintains a glare-free UGR<19 which is similar to the nominal glare that you receive through indoor lighting. Illuminate exactly what you need, with no light spillage or sky-glow. AEON is adaptable to various intelligent lighting controls, wired or wireless. Available in various NEMA Beam Spreads, the AEON Flood Luminaire also incorporates field changeable lenses, modules, and drivers to save labor and maintenance.