Hydraulic Connectors

Dec. 21, 2018

ODU, a worldwide leader in designing and manufacturing high-performance connector solutions and cable assemblies is introducing a new hydraulic module to the advanced rectangular connector series, the ODU-MAC Silver-Line and ODU-MAC White-Line.


ODU-MAC Silver-Line is an efficient automatic docking connector with the highest level of failure protection. ODU-MAC White-Line is a versatile manual mating connector ideal for applications requiring a compact footprint.


Responding to specific market requirements from the medical, industrial and test & measurement industry, ODU introduces a new high flow rate hydraulic module capable up to 15 bar, low pressure drop and available with a 6-12mm outer tube diameter.


In addition to the varied modules already available such as signal, power, high current, coax, compressed air, data rates and fiber optics – this new hydraulic module has a life cycle of 100,000 mating cycles and it is fully removable. Additional product benefits include: a high flow rate, no drip connection and various fluid handling.