Outdoor Applications Connector

Dec. 8, 2018
LEMO's connectors reduce operating failures caused by stressed cables.

The Anglissimo plug is an eight in-one plug that can be adapted by the user to all space constraints. Thanks to our technology, you can choose by yourself the best cable outlet need for your application even after the soldering process. This new elbow connector design allows to adjust and position the connector in an efficient way in order to prevent cable snaging. Each connector can be orientated during its assembly and enables 8 positions. The connector then remains securely positioned in its orientation.

  • 8 angles in 1 plug
  • Push-Pull self-latching
  • Multipole 2 to 32 contacts
  • Various keying options
  • 9 colour codings
  • Cable clarity
  • Clean design
  • Reduced operating failures caused by stressed cables
  • Temp. range -55° to 250°C
  • Solder or crimp
  • Shielding:
    • > 75dB at 10Mhz
    • > 40dB at 1 Ghz
  • IP50 / IP68 (T series)
  • For cable ø 1 to 9.9 mm