Rotating Component Connectors

Dec. 20, 2018
Eisele's rotating connectors are approved for rotational speeds up to 800 rpm.

A ball bearing rotary connector, an addition to series 14 of the Eisele BASICLINE, can rotate freely around its own axis. The rotary connector offers a solution for conveying compressed air from a rigid component to a rotating component.


The rotary connector, which is designed for an operating pressure range of -13 to 232 psi, is suitable for all applications that are compatible with nickel-plated brass. The seals are made of NBR and FKM. The rotary connector is available in a straight, an angled and a T-shaped version for tube diameters of eight, ten and twelve millimeters. The screw-in end is equipped with G1/4 threads.


This push-in connector from series 14 of the BASICLINE is the first fully rotating connector in Eisele’s product spectrum. The rotary movement is enabled by a hybrid stainless steel ball bearing with ceramic balls, which is approved for rotational speeds of up to 800 rpm.