Easergy P3 Protection Relay

Dec. 20, 2018
Schneider Electric's relay trips a circuit breaker when a fault is detected to save time and limit damage.

Easergy P3 system and arc flash protection relay will trip a circuit breaker when a fault is detected and is designed to save operational time and limit equipment damage with state-of-the-art arc flash system protection. The Easergy P3 is focused on efficiency and the total cost of implementation, with time saved in procurement, installation, wiring, and configuration.


With the latest protection and modern digital communication capabilities, it is a major step forward in Medium Voltage equipment protection and control devices. The Easergy P3 is simple to integrate and operate for panel builders and system integrators. It makes every stage of the project significantly faster, from off-the-shelf product selection to installation and configuration.

  • The eSetup Easergy Pro configuration software is designed to be easy to use for non-experts, while also offering smart advanced functions such as the virtual simulation test
  • The Easergy SmartApp enables simpler and safer operation and maintenance without standing in front of a circuit breaker
  • Embedded web configuration allows fast setting changes without the need for setup software.
  • Data from the Easergy P3 can be securely stored in a cloud-based repository and made available throughout the lifetime of the installation, with the mySchneider app