Versatile Parcel Unloader

Dec. 3, 2018
Parcel Unloaders from Southworth integrate with any sortation system.

Parcel Unloaders are the fast, efficient way to get parcels from a wide variety of containers on to conveyors and automated sortation systems. They can be used for all types of parcels including boxes, bags, and mail and accommodate all types of containers including gaylords, canvas/vinyl hampers, and plastic carts.


Parcel Unloaders feature PLC controls to simplify integration with any conveyor/sortation system.


In operation, the Parcel Unloader is fed with a container from the rear, then the entire container is tilted up to 130-deg. to allow items to slide out onto the conveyor. An optional vibratory metering/anti-clumping accessory ensures all items are fed into the system without the need for operator intervention.