Nozzles for Board Industry

Nov. 10, 2018

BEX, a manufacturer of nozzles and eductors for manufacturing and maintenance applications, introduces a line of high-performance replacement nozzles engineered specifically for board shops and manufacturers of electronic wafers for microchips.


This BEX nozzle series includes 2 main categories of nozzles, each available in a wide variety of flow rates and angles, and each designed for maximum coverage and lowest fresh water consumption.


BEX Flat Fan Rinsing Nozzles, manufactured primarily from polypropylene or PVDF, (stainless steel is also available) are engineered for final rinses and are available in “water saver” models as low as .2 gpm.  BEX Full Cone Nozzles are designed primarily for etching chambers and recirculated and final rinses;  their pattern consists of multiple concentric hollow cones that together create the full cone effect with a small droplet size.  In addition to nozzles, BEX manufactures eductors for use in copper plating and cleaning tanks.