Closed Loop Linear Stepper Stage

Nov. 10, 2018

The LSS-016-04-006-01A-ME is one of a revolutionary new series of low profile linear stepper motor positioning stages that integrates an absolute linear encoder and a single-axis linear stepper motor stage.  This enables the linear stepper motor stage to operate as a 2-phase brushless linear motor when coupled with motion control electronics provided by H2W Technologies (H2W).


Operating as a brushless linear motor allows the stage to achieve speeds, accelerations, and accuracies previously unachievable with a standard open loop linear stepper motor.  When operated this way, the motor tends to run cooler as it only draws current when needed to hold the desired position or make a move. Using absolute encoders removes the need to use home position sensors as the absolute position of the system will always be known, even after power is cycled, and end-of-travel limit switches provide protections against over travel situations.


The stages use H2W's STS-0620-R linear stepper motors to generate a force of 6.0 lbs [26.7 N] with a total stroke length of 16 inches [406mm] and the 1.0-micron resolution absolute encoder allows for precise positioning.  High flex power cables for the motor and encoder are guided by a cable carrier and the cables are terminated into standard D-subminiature connectors.  There is also a provision for customer cables to be routed within the cable carrier. Custom mounting holes on the moving table and base are available upon request at no additional charge.