Hygenic Packaging

Nov. 10, 2018

The main function of skin packaging is to extend the product’s shelf life. It also adds features that provide additional value such as self liquid retention to prevent leakage. This delays microbial growth and adds the option of vertically displaying the package.


In a skin pack, both films are sealed over the whole surface except the area occupied by the product, ensuring its most natural and original look.


Specially targeted for fresh meat, processed meat, fish, poultry, ready meals, cheese and pates.


ULMA’s skin pack advantages:


ULMA’s skin packaging offers a variety of benefits to add value to the product giving it attractive sales  features:

  • Option to use a rigid support as a tray.
  • Vertical display of the package avoiding the product’s movement inside.
  • Product shelf life increase.
  • Retains liquids and gases.
  • Enhances the product giving it the leading role.
  • Option to use a flexible support.
  • Option to add an additional lid to use as a labeling support. It also makes possible the inclusion of protective gas or promotional items (recipes, spoons …) between both films.
  • Allows the customization of the pack in terms of shape and dimensions.
  • The type of packaging material used in skin packaging allows for easy opening packages.