IoT on the Ancient Silk Road

Sept. 24, 2018
A Chinese company created an intelligent shipping container for Industry 4.0 and supply chain.

China International Marine Containers (Group) Ltd. (CIMC) developed an intelligent shipping container to support the logistics needs of Industry 4.0.


CIMC is a major Chinese shipping container manufacturer which chose TCXN to help integrate global connectivity in their products. Now that CIMC's containers can connect via mobile/cellular networks, the location and status of the containers and their contents can be monitored no matter where the container is located.


One Belt One Road marks a new era for logistics


Goods being transported from China to Europe still travel the ancient Silk Road trade routes that were established more than two thousand years ago. With their One Belt One Road Initiative, The Chinese government has recognized the importance of these trade routes by dedicating resources to improve shipping and logistics processes on both land and sea.


CIMC's intelligent shipping containers make it easier for transportation and logistics companies to align with the goals of the One Belt One Road Initiative. Connectivity also improves processes for end-customers such as produce and pharma companies who need their goods to be transported in coldchain at consistent refrigerated temperatures.


A single solution for global connectivity


With improved traceability, more products reach their destination in good condition at a lower cost, which has a positive influence on profitability and the desirability of those products. Telenor Connexion has provided CIMC with a single solution for SIM cards, global connectivity and connected asset management. Download the case study to get the details: