Compact Planetary Gearmotor

Oct. 12, 2018
Bodine's gearmotor is permanently lubricated with high-performance grease.

An integral gearmotor, type 22B4-60P planetary gearmotor, combines Bodine’s high-performance type 22B brushless DC motor with the new 60P (60 mm) planetary gearhead. It is ideal for applications that require higher torque than conventional helical/spur gearheads of a similar size can provide, and where a very low backlash gearhead is not required. Typical applications include conveyors, pumps, packaging, industrial automation and wide range of solar- or battery-powered equipment.


The Bodine 22B brushless DC motor delivers quiet, maintenance-free operation with low electromagnetic-interference (EMI). It is encoder-compatible with the new optional screw-in encoder shaft kit. Standard/ stock models supplied with factory-installed cover over shaft opening. Flying leads terminated with connectors provide simple plug-in operation with Bodine chassis BLDC controls. Environmental protection is rated at IP-44. The commutation angle is 120-deg.


The 60P gearhead has a rated torque of up to 226 lb.-in (26 Nm), and mounts in any orientation. The gearhead is permanently lubricated with high-performance grease, and features needle bearing supported, hardened steel gears for long life and maximum performance. The standard backlash of this gearhead is less than one degree.


The initial product launch includes sixteen standard models with gear ratios from 4:1 to 162:1. These stock models are offered with 130V and 24V windings. Rated torque ranges from 11 lb-in (1.3 Nm) to 226 lb-in (26 Nm). Stock models are available with either US/Inch or Metric drive shaft and mounting details.


The model 3919 BLDC speed control is designed to power the 22B-60P, 24VDC planetary gearmotors. This compact and competitively priced BLDC control has an input voltage range of 24-35 VDC. Control functions include dynamic braking, direction, and enable. Speed can be controlled by an external potentiometer (included), the onboard MAX speed trim potentiometer, or a 0-5 VDC analog input signal. User-adjustable pots control speed settings, torque limit, acceleration time. A 12 pulse/revolution tach output provides indication of motor speed.


The 22B4-60P planetary gearmotors and their corresponding accessory kits are available through Bodine’s extensive distributor network or from the Bodine web site. Custom designs are available to qualified OEMs. Typical OEM modifications include factory installed encoders or brakes, custom windings or wire harnesses, and application-specific mounting and shaft details.