3D Camera for Auto Industry

Oct. 11, 2018
Chromasens' 3D line scanner camera provides a 55-in. field-of-view.

The popular 3DPIXA family of high-performance 3D line scan cameras have been expanded with a model that provides a 55-in. FOV (field-of-view) for complete high-speed scans of large, complex and irregularly-shaped objects or textures to achieve accurate identification of defects in automobile manufacturing, food processing and in natural objects such as wood or ceramic tiles.


3DPIXA dual 200 µm HR, the latest edition, employs factory-calibrated stereo cameras that enable the simultaneous acquisition of 2D color images along with either a height map or 3D point cloud. The 3DPIXA dual 200µm HR significantly reduces overall operational costs by improving efficiencies in product validation. For example, it is ideal in surface inspection of automobiles for cosmetic flaws like dings, dents and wrinkles in body panels, as well as for detection of functional flaws such as irregularities on the bearing surfaces of automotive rocker arms or the correct spacing and size of mounting holes on disk brake pads.


The 3DPIXA dual 200 µm HR can also verify the presence or absence of parts and the correctness of their shapes such as in the case of gears, which can have missing or malformed teeth. Finally, the camera can be used in assembly verification to insure error-free assembly, as is the case with closure panels that include doors, hoods, lift gates and tail gates, resulting in the automation and acceleration of production processes.


Because of its Tri-linear CCD line-sensor and its flexible CameraLink interface, the 3DPIXA dual 200µm HR camera opens up a new range of 3D measurement applications. Adding to its ease of use is support for libraries from HALCON (MVTec), MIL (Matrox), LabVIEW (National Instruments), and Coake (SAC), along with Chromasens' own 3D-API, making it possible for programmers to design and perform 3D image processing applications quickly and efficiently.


Built to thrive in tough industrial settings, the IP50 rated camera has a sturdy housing that measures only 220.3 x 463 x 98.5 mm for space-sensitive industrial environments.

  • 5940 mm/s maximum speed for image acquisition (19.48 ft/s)
  • Height resolution up to 60 micron, range up to 400mm
  • 10 x 10 ?m (10 ?m pitch) pixel size
  • 7296 pixels per line (29.7 kHz line frequency)
  • Throughput up to 6.8 Gbit/s or 850 MB/s