Boom Lifts for Sand and Turf

Sept. 21, 2018
Genie's high-float lifts provide a 160-deg. platform rotation.

Engineered to “float” on soft or delicate surfaces, the S-80 and S-85 HF boom lifts protect softer surfaces that could be damaged by the more aggressive tread of regular rough terrain tires.


The HF models are based on the design and engineering of the Genie Xtra Capacity (XC) booms, complying with the overload restriction and terrain-sensing guidelines in the ANSI A92 and CSA B354 industry standards in North America, as well as European EN280 and Australian AS 1418.10 standards.


The models’ dual lifting capacities of 600 lb. unrestricted and 1,000 lb. restricted let the lifts carry up to three people plus tools and materials.


Their automatic envelope control retracts the boom when it reaches its operating envelope. That simplifies platform positioning and enhances the operator’s experience. A load-sensing cell continuously checks the weight in the platform and limits the operating envelope to match the machine’s load chart. The load cell can be calibrated in the field.


Unique chassis-tilt-sensing technology expands the working zone by allowing different ranges of motion based on the chassis angle. The system automatically cuts out some lift and drive functions when the tilt activation setting is reached. Tilt sensing lets Genie HF boom lifts carry more load than ever before while also maximizing access to work areas on challenging jobsites.


Like Genie XC booms, the HF models have CAN-based controls that incorporate the familiar Genie Smart Link system. The consistent and intuitive control layout makes operation easy. Onboard diagnostics can be viewed on the LCD display at the ground controls. That lets machine setup, calibration, and troubleshooting be done right on the machine, without a laptop or accessories.


For productivity on sensitive surfaces, both lifts have air-filled 41/18LL x 22.5 20 ply tires. For productivity in the air, the S-80 HF delivers up to 86 ft. of working height or 68’6” of outreach, and the S-85 HF provides up to 91 ft. of working height or 72’6” of outreach.


Both units are available with a 74-hp Tier 4F diesel engine. Either lift can be equipped with a 6-ft. dual-entry platform or with an 8-ft. tri-entry platform that has a side-swing gate that simplifies getting people, tools, and materials in and out.

Max Platform HeightS-80 HF: 80 ft / S-85 HF: 85 ft | S-80 HF: 24.38 m / S-85 HF: 25.91 m
Max Horizontal ReachS-80 HF: 68 ft 6 in / S-85 HF: 72 ft 6 in | S-80 HF: 20.88 m / S-85 HF: 22.10 m
Below Ground ReachS-80 HF: 5 ft 6 in / S-85 HF: 8 ft 8 in | S-80 HF: 1.68m / S-85 HF: 2.64 m
Platform Capacity600 lb Unrestricted, 1000 lb Restricted | 272 kg Unrestricted, 454 kg Restricted
Machine Width and LengthS-80 HF: 8ft 6 in, 37 ft 1 in / S-85 HF: 8 ft 6 in, 40 ft 7 in | S-80 HF: 2.59 m, 11.23 m / S-85 HF: 2.59 m, 12.37 m



  • A virtual-pivot primary boom that aligns the machine’s center of gravity for lower machine weight: 35,500 lb. on the S-80 HF; 38,000 lb. on the S-85 HF
  • 4WD and positive traction
  • 45% gradeability (with boom stowed)
  • 160-deg. platform rotation and 360-deg. continuous-rotation turntable
  • For additional productivity at height, Genie’s S-80 HF and S-85 HF can be equipped with the optional Genie Lift Power generator system, which includes a dedicated hydraulic circuit and a right-sized breaker, still allowing plenty of power to lift and drive while the generator is running. The system comes in 3 kW, 7 kW, and 12 kW output to meet any customer’s requirements.