UV Bearings for Solar Applications

Aug. 30, 2018

The iglide J UV includes a material developed from iglide J but for applications with strict UV requirements. Like all igus plain bearings, the iglide J UV bearings include solid lubricants that make the bearing lubrication-free and maintenance-free, and resistant to dust and dirt. The long-term mechanical properties of the iglide J UV have also been improved, making it an ideal choice for smooth-running, lubrication-free, and long-lasting solar systems.


Due to its corrosion-free properties and resistance to media, moisture and other environmental influences do not impact the performance of the iglide J UV. The tribological properties such as friction and wear of the UV material are comparable to those of the standard material, iglide J.


Its low coefficients of friction in dry operation and the extremely low stick-slip tendency are very important for low speeds, which are common in solar industry tracking systems. High speeds of over one meter per second are also possible. In both cases, the static friction is very low, and the stick-slip tendency is avoided.


Initially, the material will be available with and without flange up to a shaft diameter of 20 millimeters. Bearings made of iglide J UV are available upon request in all previous standard dimensions of iglide J as well as in individually designed special geometries.