Perfect Flame Offers Presets and Monitoring for Brazing Tasks

Aug. 30, 2018
The brazing unit from Harris Products lets companies preset brazing variables for repeatable results every time while collecting data to improve operations.

The Perfect Flame delivers consistent results for repetitive, high-volume handheld brazing applications, and includes torches, tips, flow control devices, and software that work together to improve brazing quality and increase productivity. Controlling variables to produce consistent joint quality, the Perfect Flame results in fewer leaks and rejects, and reduces costs for labor, oxygen, and fuel gas.


With Perfect Flame’s built-in software, companies can duplicate flame settings across an organization. The software measures flame chemistry, flow rates, and calculates temperatures BTU value to determine and control the perfect flame in production environments. These flame attributes are then saved into the system as presets and assigned to a project or part type.


Another feature is that the unit collects data on each operator: flame set-up, gas usage, torch on-time, etc. The data is batch-loaded to a cloud-based server and then presented in a dashboard that enables management to thoroughly monitor, track, and improve brazing operations.


The Perfect Flame is available in 2 models: The Model ST and Model MT.

  • The ST, a single torch configuration, allows the braze operator to toggle between 5 different settings so that they can quickly switch between different preset flames for different braze connections. Hands-free technology allows the user to switch between flames via a foot pedal, selecting up to 5 preset flames from a library of up to 100. This configuration is perfect for the brazing operator who has multiple but different braze joints per job and needs to quickly adjust the flame settings.
  • The MT, a multi-torch configuration, is best for high-production operations where individual operators are brazing the same or different joints. Three operators can be using the same or different flames, each controlled by one Model MT unit.
  • Flame control and standardization – Multi-tier security features allow management to lock settings in, to produce a consistent flame from operator to operator, shift to shift, and location to location
  • 100% factory tested for quality and reliability
  • Products constructed from high-quality materials for longer service life


  • High-production brazing applications
  • Multiple operations with consistent results