E18 Vertical Mast Lift

Dec. 2, 2022
JLG Industries' E18 Vertical Mast Lift models tackle up-and-over work in any application.

Both E18 Vertical Mast Lift models, the E18MCL and E18MML, are available with a Stock Picker Package Option for warehouse and distribution center applications. The E18MCL is well-suited for construction and industrial applications that require outdoor and indoor capable machines; the E18MML is ideal for finish work, general maintenance work, and for cleaner indoor-only applications. With the long-running batteries being mounted under the platform, the E18s also are designed with improved machine weight distribution for efficient loading and unloading.


The E18MCL is equipped with solid, non-marketing tires, and its scissor-style steering is similar to JLG scissor lifts for quick familiarization and reliable control through tight areas like doorways.


The E18MML is an ideal machine for sensitive flooring and finish work applications, including maintenance. Equipped with caster wheels, this model’s Point & Go steering is the same as the more traditional vertical lift steering style on JLG’s predecessor models.


The Stock Picker Package option, available on both E18 models, includes a fold-down work tray platform with side entry saloon doors, gate alarm, and dual amber beacons.


These new models come standard with JLG’s load-sensing system. This pressure-based system monitors the load of persons, materials, and tools in the platform to ensure the machines’ capacity ratings are not exceeded. Optimized for durability, the E18s are engineered with an improved roller system on the extension deck and re-engineered mast guards to reduce the potential for debris to accumulate and hinder the operation. The models also feature modern, ergonomic controls and an enhanced entry/exit from the platform.


  • Platform height: 18 ft (5.49 m)
  • Machine width: 2 ft 6 in. (0.76 m)
  • Machine weight: 1,950 lb. (884.51 kg)


  • Platform height: 18 ft (5.49 m)
  • Machine width: 2 ft 6 in. (0.76 m)
  • Machine weight: 1,950 lb. (884.51 kg)