Horizontal Forging Reciprocator

Aug. 30, 2018

Industrial Innovations, a provider of industrial lubrication and automation systems for metalworking industries, has announced the availability of its new horizontal Advance Forge Reciprocator featuring the company’s Spra-Rite™ technology. The electronic servo-driven controls package and high-speed linear assembly of the new reciprocating sprayer deliver both precision and smooth operation at speeds of 50 in./second. This helps to achieve faster cycles for more parts per hour, improved part quality and reduced lubrication consumption.


This new automated sprayer has been developed specifically for harsh environments using both graphite and synthetic release agents.  


The user-friendly controls system features an 8-in. touchscreen with built-in prompts, and can be pre-programmed with up to 20 separate dwells, sweeps and speed functions for lubrication and blow-off that are entered through the operator interface. Additionally, there is 100 recipe program storage capability for quick recall of die setups. 


The unit has up to three separate spray and air blow-off zones for lubricating and cleaning the die surface. Flow monitoring of multiple spray nozzles with feedback to the operator enables precise application and control of lubricant volume.


The horizontal sprayers have a machine stroke of 24-in. to 48-in. and come with customer designed spray manifolds for pinpoint accuracy and use 208/230 voltage. Designed in pockets make it easy for fork trucks to pick up and move the systems.