Rotary Positioner Offers Greater Stability

June 20, 2018
Strong's rotary positioner allows for smooth operation and superior stability.

The BuildPro Rotary Positioner allows you to rotate your weld fixture to the best ergonomic position for worker safety and comfort, and reduced operator fatigue. Position your fixture for better weld access, accuracy, and productivity for both manual and robotic welding operations.


Horizontally mount your BuildPro or Siegmund Welding Tabletop to the BuildPro Rotary Positioner for plane rotation of your welding tabletop. The gear driven free-turning mechanism allows for smooth operation, superior stability and controlled turning and positioning at precise 15-deg. increments with positive manual locking.


The new adjustment plates help shift the center of gravity when working with tall or heavy parts for smoother rotation of assemblies up to 90-deg. from horizontal. Lower the tabletop position, as required for each unique project, at 1 in. increments.


The adjustable outriggers allow greater stability when working with taller assemblies and can be retracted when not required.